Friday, July 27, 2007

Goodbye, J# - We hardly knew ye.

I will shed tears not of sadness but of joy at the apparent disappearance of Visual J# from the list of languages to install in Visual Studio 2008 beta 2. I always use the Customize option of installations, even if only to see what's being installed. If I see optional languages I will not need, I get rid of them. If I see an environment I will not be using, I get rid of it. I have no need of Visual J#, so why should I have to install it? Yet VS2005 had complaints along the way when I tried to rid myself of it. Now, perhaps, we are finally getting rid of a tool that only supports a now ancient version of Java and is thus likely to be useless in "converting" a Java programmer.

Don't miss the samples page after you install. There are some new and interesting items there.

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