Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beginning the WCF Journey

I'm going to dip my foot into WCF.  That's more than a toe but less than a headlong dive.  Of the four books listed in our library, I have found two.  Here are some quotes from the intros: might instinctively treat WCF as just another API.  Resist this temptation... WCF is not just a wrapper around existing functionality or just another whiz-bang API.  WCF is the evidence that a tectonic shift has occurred in distributed software development.

Justin Smith, Inside Windows Communication Foundation

Tectonic shift!?  Wow!  Equally as eye-opening is this one:

To me, WCF is simply the next development platform, which to a large extent subsumes raw .NET programming. 

Juval Lowy, Programming WCF Services

This could be fun...

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