Thursday, July 21, 2005

Notes from the firehose

It's not just me - there are more and more things going on these days in the universe of computing. A couple of years ago, I thought about diving into Java, and I did so for a couple of months. However, .NET has captured my fancy. And I do not think you can do both. There are simply too many options popping up to be knowledgeable, much less expert, on everything.

Even in one arena, there are things happening on multiple fronts. I feel like a beleaguered general with too few troops caught in an open plain with armies closing in on all sides.

But, one must press on. I already try to keep up with far too many technical blogs. Every so often, I have to narrow my focus, weed out what's not of immediate value, and soldier on. It's fun, isn't it? :-)

This corner of blogdom will report on my sips from the firehose.

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