Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tabbed browsing

What in the world is all the fuss about Firefox's tabbed browsing? It's mystifying, as if nobody ever used Mozilla in the old days. The tabbed browser extension in Mozilla (was it Tabbrowser Preferences back then?) was so far and away better than it is in Firefox. Of course, Firefox's tabbed browsing support by itself is so pitiful as to be enxt to useless compared to other options.

I finally had to quit using Mozilla when there were too many important web sites I was required to visit that would not display properly. I looked around in the IE wrapper world and came up with Avant Browser. I have not looked back since. All the tabbed goodness of the old Mozilla with the (for better or worse) engine of IE. And the feature set of these wrapper apps (Maxthon is another) has not stagnated.

How about being able to drag a new tab near other related tabs? How about being able to duplicate a tab with or without its current history of pages? What if you like multiple rows of tabs rather than one long one. Firefox, even with Tabbrowser Preferences installed, keeps squeezing the width of the tabs until they are unreadable. How unusable.

Do yourself a favor. Try Maxthon or Avant Browser (my choice). Pick one. Don't look back.

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